Our Honeymoon Package

As your honeymoon plan starts taking shape, our eagerness to ensure an amazing journey for you increases! One of the most blessed and pure celebration in one's life is marriage and then honeymoon. It signifies the marriage of two souls. It is in Honeymoon's time that two souls come closer to each other. Trips with your new love stand out in your mind as happy and positive, with sunny mornings and romantic evenings, which you’ll remember fondly in the next years to come. This is the reason; honeymoon places have its special consequence. One of the best ways to expend your honeymoon time is in Srinagar, which is truly heaven's place. Srinagar is the land where you can spend your honeymoon as you are celebrating your marriage in Paradise. It is an amazing feeling to start your newly married and blessed life in environment blessing with rich natural beauty and snow capped mountains. No destination is pretty as dreamy as “Srinagar”. This beautiful city is also famous for its traditional Kashmiri handicrafts items. Srinagar is also known as the mini Switzerland of India. Honeymoon in Srinagar is the best way of giving new heights to your most romantic days. However attractive and affordable honeymoon packages in Srinagar, which offers hotels with sightseeing, pick and drop, and comfort accommodation for you is Hotel Grand Boulevard.